Soccer Philosophy “Love of Soccer Wisdom”

Technical skills development is the key for any top soccer player. Soccer PHILosophy is a year round skills program founded in 2008 which focuses on technical skills development. The program includes weekly skills sessions along with variations skills leagues, skills camps, and skills tournaments designed specially to reward the best technical skills. Each PHILosopher is initially evaluated and certified at a level. Coaches then creates a friendly but competitive. Environment to guide and inspire the “Soccer PHILosopher” to reach the highest level. If you know someone who could benefit from some skills training, give them the gift of training with some of the best skills coaches in soccer/futbol.

Coach Marcus

Coach Marcus Biography

Coach Marcus is the founder and technical director of Soccer Philosophy, former head Men’s soccer coach at Ecclesia College and a former player of the Trinidad and Tobago National Team. He has played and coached in many countries including Brazil, Mexico, England, Canada and most of the Caribbean countries. He has coached at all levels including youth, high school, college and semi-professional. Marcus has traveled to different cities and states throughout the United States and Canada promoting soccer. He has been successful with the Royals Cheetahs Youth Soccer Club in Wichita, Wichita State University Men’s Soccer Team and Wichita Jet’s semi- professional team; where he was a co-owner and head coach.

Got Game?
Prove it, what’s your Philosophy?

The color of your soccer Philosophy shirt says it all
The Platinum is for the Ultimate PHILosopher
The Purple is for the Master PHILosopher
The Gold is for the Premier PHILosopher
The Blue is for the Senior PHILosopher
The Green is for the Junior PHILosopher
All PHILosopher starts with the WHITE Shirt.

Skills Categories

Skills Level 5 Apprentice
White Shirt
Level 4 Junior
Green Shirt
Level 3 Senior 
Blue Shirt
Level 2 Premier 
Gold Shirt
Level 1 Master 
Purple Shirt
Level 5 Ultimate 
Platinum Shirt
Dribbling – Equal or less than  NA 12 10 8 7 5
Juggling – Equal or greater than  NA 10 30 50 75 100
Moves – Equal or greater than   NA 10 15 20 23 25
Passing/Receiving – Equal or greater than  NA 20 25 30 33 35
Shooting – Equal or greater than NA 30 40 50 55 60
Dribbling TIME to complete Soccer PHILosophy  obstacle course
Juggling  Amount participant needs to juggle
Moves – Know a certain amount of moves
Passing/Receiving – complete a certain amount of passes in 30 seconds
Shooting- Shooting speed level measured by Radar Gun


Juggling – Improve your touch & confidence. (III) Moves – Learn more than 25 different ways to leaves your opponent standing & watching. (IV) Passing/Receiving – Improve your first touch & accuracy.
Shooting – learn the proper shooting technique to increase shot speed as well as placement
Heading – Learn the proper art of heading to reduce head injury.
Trapping – We will teach the players how to control the ball out of the air using all parts of the body except their hands.
Defending – The future stars will learn the art of Defending because we all know offence gets the glory but DEFENSE win championships.

*Huge discounts for multiple sessions.


1 ½ Hour Team skills (1team)
1 for $200 or 4 for $600

1 Hour Personal Skills (one player max)
1 for $50 or 4 for $150

1 Hour Friend skills (4 player’s max)
1 for $60 or 4 for $165

1 Hour Lil Kickers (ages 4-7)
1 for $15 or 4 for $40

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